Sunday, September 21, 2008

It happened yesterday

And the blardy young malay fler carrying his gf in his MPV sped off like nothing happened.
I was too shocked and forgot to take his carplate number, while my car got a VERY BIG SCRATCH and dented slightly above the wheels. I managed to brake in time but my car still banged into his driver's door.

Thank goodness nothing serious happened but to those taking this lane to Ampang from MRR2, please be extra careful as there are hooligans like this blardy fella who will think nothing of breaking the law and causing hurt and stress to other people.

I am so angry and sad I couldn't do anything about it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I can't wait!

My teeth are having some serious movements these days and I'm suddenly getting gaps in front, at the sides and the gaps would disappear and appearing again after a while. I can't wait for my front upper teeth pushed back to cover those gaps. I can't wait to have nice teeth like normal people do!!!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

This piece of long rubber can do anything YOU WANT!

Lately I have been fiddling with my new workout tool called the...Jeng jeng jeng! 


It's called Gym in My Pocket or something and I got it from a fitness store in Pavilion for quite a hefty price(RM84) for this long thin, smelly pink rubber that is supposed to do wonders to your body.  

It comes in a nice oblong box with several posters of instructions on using this rubber made into a loop. What I need to do is, stretch it with my hand grabbing one end or my feet stepping on it firmly or hooked around my waist or around my forehead then I do stretches. You can stretch almost any part of your muscle group and boy, I could sweat it all out with this measly looking rubber! Recently I am soooo into doing my triceps so I won't have wobbly chicken wings when I wave bye-bye. 

Here's how you do it....

Not that I'm promoting or hard-selling this long rubber but it's particularly good if you dont' like weights and your living room is fully occupied with sofas, a big coffee table, cabinets and your sister or your mom lying around on a hot day to nap....

And then, it came with a free gift from the store, something to put on the rear window of my car lest they don't know I have toned muscles, it screams "FIT & FABULOUS ON BOARD".

 I'm too embarrassed to stick that up, what if people driving behind me are curious to see how I look and then laugh gau-gau when they look at me.. how??? 

So, to all you girls out there reading this, I'm giving a nice car window signage for FREE. Who wants?  :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My car horn "tweets"

Driving in KL is soooooo unsafe!

Yah, if you are a KL-ite or you have been staying in KL for a while, you'll know what I mean!

I never thought driving would be a strenuous workout for my head, legs, arms and my heart. All the pushing, pulling, swerving, emergency braking and tensed moments finally got to me. Before I got my car, I thought it was all this.........

But I was wrong! This was all A DREAM! D-R-E-A-M! The naivety in me ceased as soon as I met big road bullies in big Wajas/Benz and I am forced to swallow the bitter pill....I can't fight them in my small Kenari with my car horn??? It TWEETS!!! How the *censored* could I *censored* the *censored* off their *censored* bigger cars?! Wuuuuu....(T__T) I flew into a rage with clammy hands stuck on the wheel and couldn't do anything but looked at them honking me like nobody's biz. And it wasn't my *censored* fault!

My friend says ignore them.

I have decided on my umpteenth day of driving, the only option left was to become a *censored* driver when there are big bullies around me.

By the way, I saw an expat forcing out his car from a junction just last week. Gee, even foreigners learn fast! How could they not afford to? And then I had to -tweet- him with my horn. My friend was laughing her head off coz I couldn't find my horn in time. They are located on each side of the steering wheel and each time I had to -tweet- I couldn't feel the location properly, and by the time I found the them, it was too late to -tweet- but NEVERTHELESS! I still -tweet- -ed. See? I'm learning pretty fast too!

Whenever I reminisce all the honking and swerving of the BIG BAD CARS out there in KL, it makes me shiver~ even female drivers are bold enough to swerve out suddenly without signalling. What stupidity! What if my car hits your *censored* and your car hits the front *censored* They never think of these????

Oh well, I have no choice, really. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise for my office to move so far away from town. But then again, when I drive to my new office, I gotta look out for cars flying past at 200Kmph...............

Friday, September 5, 2008

Busy Bee

I am a busy bee all of the sudden......wee wang wang...wee wang wang....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deep sleep is scarce...let alone beauty naps

Seriously, I don't know how to cope with the start of a working week. Although I had 8hours of sleep yesterday night, the accumulated insomnia from the past week are starting to show their effects, I'm currently having dark undereye circles and walking with a slumped posture - I wonder how I managed to drive my friends up, down and about town yesterday despite feeling drowsy and tired.

How am I going to maintain my beauty regime being tired??? Imagine falling asleep while putting on mascara and lipstick...musta look alot like the Joker with the "Why so SeRIOuS?" makeup. Sigh.