Sunday, November 16, 2008

My car needs bandages

My car's rear bumper (plasticky body kit) is now officially scarred for life. Both corners have paint peeling out in curls because of my driver mah, what to do? Must remind myself not to be a lazy driver, especially parking right in front of my home. The 2 slabs of concrete supporting the walkway of my house and my neighbour's are still standing strong. A friend of mine once got a large piece of her car bumper torn out when she forgot to go slow and park her car in. Nevertheless, quite a few people were not spared either from the beastly stones.

The injuries are too small for a bodykit overhaul and not that small either to ignore. Looks ugly. How I wish I can dab some superglue like how you dab antiseptic to your knee and all will be well again...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I thought got 24Hour service?!!

I really cannot stand the attitude adopted by you porks lah.... why is the customer service line near my home always engaged and busy everytime I dial after 8pm? Are phone lines not opened 24hours for immediate customer servicing? Why do you put up a big Advertisement Saying You Are Open 24Hours for Delivery and Dine-In? You are TEMPTING ME LAH YOU DEVIL! Your red colour pamphlet got all the tasty food and nice toys, so pretty......they make me want to pick up the receiver and dial your number. My mouth is watering already while I'm typing this, so embarrassing....but you you you DEVIL! You let me see don't let me order!
Don't dupe me lah!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A shorter Shorty shall always call the taller Shorty a Shorty

Something I learned from experience....I don't understand it, REALLY!