Saturday, September 10, 2011

This surely eased my depressive state of mind...

"Adaptation is one of humanity's greatest traits. Switching from e-mails to phone calls for communication ranks low on the difficulty scale. But if your previous boss was a hands-off type who let you get your job done your way, and your new one is a micromanager who insists everything must be done his or her way, that gets a little more difficult. Micromanaging is a serious issue, resulting from either a lack of trust or a need for control. If you think it's a lack of trust, try to earn that trust by showing how good your work is. If it's a control situation, it's likely that person is insecure and not capable of any fundamental change. In that case, you should either seek a transfer within your organization or find a different employer."

- an article from HowStuffWorks

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Not motivated to think of it anymore. The happy feeling I used to have is dying. I am really starting to get disappointed...