Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I wanna be TEXT-TUAL tonight! Rawrr-grrrrr....

My poor Genius pen with an old bent body with the middle cracked open is lying there almost lifeless on my tablet's pen holder, although I had changed batteries months before. No amount of shaking and knocking would bring it back to life, so here I am torturing my blog with

It's only words, and words are all I have, 
to take your heart away~~

(Ok, ok!! I'd better stop before you puke from my rendition of the BeeGees)

It's SO SAD that I can't even scratch a decent line on my screen without a pen. I have not been drawing for such a long time that I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms...want to know how I look like..........??? 


.......... *digs nose*

Aiyoh, can't show you lah! Coz I got no pen!

Sometimes It's just so hard for me to describe in words. It's not that I'm literally-challenged, but the whole describing thingy is exhausting at times when I can just scribble in seconds to show what I mean, and having a mouth full of metal is kind of tiring to explain something in length. This just proves that the phrase inscribed in thousands, probably millions of books, mentioned verbally or on any writable material that; A picture speaks a thousand words! 

(No wonder people gawk mindlessly at abstract art - you look at it up, down, peek sideways or turn yourself upside down to just absorb and interpret it with many kinds of feelings and thoughts rushing through your neurons and you can't seem to get anything out from your mouth in the end...funny huh?)

You can't really say that a drawing of a car is not a car, but when you want to say a car, you can replace it with vehicle, transportation, roadster, your "kapchai" or whatevah and it's such a challenge to people with limited vocabulary.

(No wonder the human race can get separated by statuses! Those who puke beautiful verbs get the royal treatment!!!)

Oh well, nothing beats the simplicity of drawing.

I'm pining, man....I'm pining........