Monday, October 19, 2009

I am feeling oh-so-blah-bluek-bluuhhh

Whatever it is, it's definitely not because it's that 10th time of the year again. Somehow, that familiar paranoia crept upon me like that quiet cockroach in the corner waiting to pounce on one of my limbs and frighten me out of my wits.'s that ugly feeling I get when I lodged myself somewhere in the time tunnel and get stuck for ages. How do I define a time tunnel? In a cartoonish way of explaining it would be - the passageway that throws you around through time and makes your eyes go swirly, and then regurgitates you into somewhere that is so unfamiliar.

This feeling has been clinging to me like grime - I feel uncomfortable. I want a change, but what kind change? *stares again into blank space*

I have been thinking of flipping my current routine upside down just for the sake of changing. But most of the time, it's easier said than done. Thank you Bartolomeo Cristofori for inventing the piano. At least I have temporal escapades whenever I felt like it.

Maybe I should switch jobs? Switch my address? Switch the regular Joes and Janes for a new group of Tom and Marys? Switch my hair colour?(already did that and blondes don't have all the fun) Switch my wardrobe?

!@#$%^ What am I missing?


firethorn said...

switch job? long as it pays you well & you're happy staying put.

switch to Tom & Marys? what?? you meant you don't want to friend-friend me liao ah? *sob *sob :P

switch address? hmm..this one sounds interesting. felt inspired at M's open house? hehe..not bad mah..go property shopping then you will be very occupied doing up the new place when you move in. hihi

lolipoops said...

haha! no worries firethorn, you are in the Dean and Daisy group kekee...the ones I seldom see :( was really happy to see you guys the other day at M's house!! The good old days we had studying..aaahhh..nostalgic~

well, switching address has been a dream all this while and would stay a dream unless i have the means to do it..argh not as easy as it sounds eh?

firethorn said...

Dean and Daisy group? mm...sounds so sweet..haha.. i don't care what you call it, as long as you & I are still friend-friend ;)

lolipoops said...

hahahaha ok fren, I call u hunny-bunny!!

don't puke okeh? :D