Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Many Great Joys of being a Single Schmingle..

..based on previous experiences..
No other half to tell me what to wear.
I can sacrifice my long hair whenever I like or grow it back till it reaches my toes if I want it too.
My money is mine..
Have plenty of time to myself to pursue whatever and whenever I like it.
Spend almost the whole day playing the Sims 3 and dramatise their lives.
Play the guitar, and then the piano, and then the guitar, and then the piano...
Able to go out and meet different people without having a jealous partner.
Able to go out and meet different people without having them to ask me why didn't I bring my partner..
Don't have to pretend to be dumb because there's no other half to shut me up in the midst of a stimulating conversation to prove his point leaving me speechless
Wouldn't be told off by the elders if I don't know how to cook.
Inconsistency would not be rendered an evil trait.
Can hang out with the boys at work just foosballing, wii-ing , strumming or singing. (I luv y'all !!)
I can go on a holiday and not think about home for a whole week.
Can dance with anybody I want at a party.
Stay up late at night just to score a notch up on games in facebook.
Go shopping anytime and spend on anything I fancy, coz again, my money is all mine...
Available at any time for a couple of drinks or movies with friends.
Don't have to share somebody else's depression..
Feeling refreshed every time I wake up in the morning because it's a brand new day!
Have many, many goals at the same time and there's no one in the way.
Holidays are enjoyable even if I have to be at home alone - I have my otaku stuff and the TV, surf the web although there's probably no one to chat with
I have my own, special time any hour I want it.
Lucky for me I still have my great buddies around most of the time to organise makan-makan or coffee sessions
It does feel lonely at times and it sucked, but never for long!!! (Imagine being tied to someone and be left alone.......bleh...that must feel really bad.)

P/S: That said, all of the do's and don'ts above really wouldn't matter if I happen to find the right person to let me BE MYSELF - however, there's been some difficulty in meeting one such person at the right time, because - they are either always trying to control me, or they appeared at the wrong time. So, let's be single for now! :D Thank you mommy and daddy for the tireless support of your daughter as a single individual, and for reminding me that I have the total rights to my true happiness in life - I am SO GLAD I have you guys for parents :)


jiawen said...

........ b(^.^)d
I wish to thank my mom too... for her support of me being single & reminds me that I decides my happiness in life~

lolipoops said...

hehe jiawen, if u ever need a shopping kaki, i'll be there! (provided i'm not drowning in my otaku stuff)

vay said...

This reminds me of Whitney Houston song that goes like this: Leeeaarning to love the greeeatest love of allll!


lolipoops said...

yeay! that is sooo right ah vay!

Amidrin said...

Glad you're enjoying your single hood. Not many single people who are as optimistic as you are. Take pride in yourself... but not for long. I am sure you will met someone who will appreciate your individuality. You just have to accept it with an open heart and embrace it with tolerance.... Good luck!

lolipoops said...

Thanks Amidrin, your encouragement is very much well received. I guess being single comes easy as I age...I became even more carefree than ever compared to years ago! :D